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Back Alley Tales Game Online Play Free

Back Alley Tales is a game created for the adult audience. The design of female characters will certainly come to your taste, if you like pixel graphics. At the same time, male characters are drawn as grey undetailed silhouettes. You will explore 12 different locations throughout the project. They might seem to look alike, but on each of them you can combine diverse objects. To get a closer look on them, just use the zoom slide.

The mysteries are just in front of your eyes

However, apart from some revealing scenes, this game can also offer an intriguing plot. You, as a main character, have recently moved to a new town and you were lucky to find a job as a security guard. Of course, you received a bunch of security cameras to look through. All of them are situated in the dark alleys and nooks around the guarded territory. One day you get bored during your shift and decide to watch previous tapes from the cameras. The recorded affairs made you so flabbergasted, that you set for further investigation. Suddenly, you discover that when the darkness comes upon the town, some pretty interesting things are taking place in those murky side streets.

Take a closer look at the nightlife of the town and explore the stories, which are hidden in the dark. Decide what you are going to do with all the dirt you find about the people, who live just next to you. And you will surely find some really promising things about them. The terrifying crimes, violence and disturbing assaults are just a few things you are going to come across. You never expected to find about such shocking business taking place on the streets.

You will deal with the life stories of four women, who experience a set of horrible events. Help them to get through the troubles alive or at least not severely damaged. Although, some of these girls are not so innocent, as you may think.

The easier the gameplay, the more you are involved in the story

You can play this title on your mobile phone but there are some hacks on how to download it on PC or MAC. The intuitive interface is making the project simple, yet so addictive. All you have to do is just click the buttons in the bottom of the screen to switch between the cameras. When you see something suspicious, decide what you can do to influence the situation. Your choices are important and cause major changes! That is why you need to think carefully before interrupting. Play detective and try to uncover the mysteries of the city or leave the secrets deep among the streets.

Depending on your skills, you can unlock each event. Try different approaches and see what will happen to the characters. Sometimes it is not easy to get a certain scenario, so use your imagination! Interact with various objects on the location to affect the course of events. You may leave everything as it is and the heroines will do whatever pleases them. Remember that some decisions may play a cruel joke on you, while at the moment it is not obvious. Can you reveal all the crimes happening on the alleys? Play the game and try out your detective skills!